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2/27/2017 5:10:49 PM

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CAE Gondia


Rotary Wing Training



Private Helicopter Pilot License - PHPL

Commercial Helicopter Pilot License - CHPL


                      Being a versatile aerial vehicle, the helicopter’s  role in various fields is being realised more and more. Helicopter aviation in India is poised  for a  growth  of 10% to 15%  per year  with  a  corresponding increase  in the demand for helicopter pilots.


Private Helicopter Pilot License


                                     This license will entitle one to fly alone but for non-remuneration purpose only. Mostly this license is

acquired by  those people who just want to fly for fun. But for those who want something out of it should go higher for

Commercial Helicopter Pilot license. Candidate Should be 16 years of age and have passed 10th Class. One has to

undergo Class II Level Medical at DGCA approved Medical Center. (also see Medical Section)

You must have 40hrs of Flying time (By the Book), But on an average it takes 60hrs to complete all the requirements.

And Also 4 exams to clear.

1. PPL Composite - (Navigation + Meteorology + Regulations)

2. FRTOL (Restricted) - (All about radio, communications, electronics, frequencies)

3. Technical General -  (Technical of Helicopter)

4. Specific - (Technical of a Particular Helicopter. eg.  Robinson 22)


Commercial Helicopter Pilot License

                                    This is the license which will entitle you to fly commercially any aircraft that is endorsed on your

license. To acquire CPL you must be 18 Years Old. Completed 12th with Physics and Maths (If not should have passed

Both Exams privately), Should hold Class I Medical Fitness Certificate. You need to fly 150 hours for this license.

You have to clear the following Exams in order to get CPL.

1. Air Navigation

2. Air Regulation

3. Aviation Meteorology

4. Helicopter Techincal General

5. Helicopter Specific

6. Radio Telephony

 Above Exams ar conducted 4 times a year. For Schedule log on to http://dgca.nic.in


Passing Percentage for all exams are 70% Except FRTOL which is 50%. All exams are conducted by DGCA. Please visit for further info http://dgca.nic.in


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